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Anthony Jansky
Major: Management and Business Economics
Hometown: Rialto, CA
Hello everybody my name is Anthony and I am the Associate Director/ Digital Operations Director for the Undergraduate Research Journal. I am a fourth year Management and Business Economics major and will be graduating this spring. I was born and raised in Rialto CA with my twin brother, Angel. I enjoy collecting basketball cards in my free time and I’m also involved in the UC Merced Business Society. After graduation I plan on working as a marketing associate in sports. 
Raven Burton
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Hello, I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Mercedmajoring in Psychology. During my time at UC Merced, I have found a love for doingresearch, having published an article in the URJ and working in several labs on campus,including the Merced Experimental Social and Health Psychology (MESH) Lab and theSocial And Health Psychology Applied Behavioral Research for Promotion and Prevention(SHARPP) Lab. I hope to continue this passion for research by going to graduate school andeventually obtaining a Ph.D. My research interests focus on sexual health and personalrelationships especially pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community. Outside of school, I enjoyplaying video games, cosplaying, art, and listening to podcasts. 
Austin John Escobar
Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Brentwood, CA
Hello everybody! I am a 4th year student at UC Merced. My interests in medicine, environmental justice, and education have allowed me to develop a love for learning and a passionate determination to grow holistically. I believe technical writing and the editorial process are necessary skills to develop and practice, especially when it comes to grant writing, research, and policy-making. Thanks! I'm looking forward to working together soon! 
Logan Ghecea
Major: English
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Hello, I’m a second year English major at UC Merced and have aspirations to work in eitherjournalism or Law! I have always enjoyed reading and writing and have been building uponthese skills since I enrolled. My favorite book isIll Met by Moonlightby W. Stanley Moss. Someof the other things I enjoy doing include camping, fishing, skateboarding, chess, and playingNintendo games. 
Yaqi Chen
Major: Management and Business Economics
Hometown: Temple City, CA
Hey guys! I’m a 4th year undergraduate student here at UC Merced in the process of becoming a technical writer. Two of my most favorite things are marketing and writing as this is because they both require design and creative thinking at times to make the perfect delivery! It’s to the point where I’m working at the University Writing Center aiding in documents from all over the field and can specifically tackle business-related materials such as business proposals, game theory arguments, or contracts. And I’ve never been so excited to put the two together here again at the URJ! 
Ying Wei Zhang
Major: English
Hometown: San Diego, CA
My name is Ying Wei Zhang, and I am excited to serve as the Humanities Section Editor this semester! Outside of the URJ, I enjoy learning about topics outside my discipline and creating visual art and written fiction, having published multiple pieces through UC Merced's creative journal. In my college years, I have participated in undergraduate research, served on the Residence Hall Association’s executive board, and currently work as a writing consultant on campus. 
Javier Calleas
Major: Management and Business Economics
Hometown: Brawley, CA
Hello! I am a second year MBE major, minoring in MAD and (Professional) Writing Studies.One thing you will notice about me is that it will be impossible to ever catch me not listening to music. Nipsey Hussle and J Cole are two of my favorite artists. Outside of the URJ, I am also an active brother of Delta Sigma Pi and their operations are what I fill most of my free time with. I grew up playing sports, enjoy watching my favorite teams year round, and hope to one day work at the intersection of the sports and business world. Coming from a small town, my aspirations for life have always been filled with prosperity and success, which I plan on achieving with a strong work ethic. 
Oscar Sanchez
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
How's it going everybody! My name is Oscar Sanchez, and I’m from Boyle Heights I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student and your current Undergraduate Research Journal Secretary. During my spare time, I enjoy listening to music,meditating, and learning new things about the human body, I am very passionate about Psychology and I hope one day in the near future I am able to put my degree to good use as a Los Angeles Country Sheriff. 
Ma Angela Edith
Major: Cognitive Science
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA
I'm a 3rd-year Cognitive Science major and Writing Studies minor. Outside of the URJ, I love to learn how to cook, bake, garden, and crochet. I'm energetic; I'm always running around doing something somewhere. I’m currently involved in ASUCM Campus Activities and at the Language, Interaction, and Cognition lab.