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The Undergraduate Research Journal is a semesterly publication of research conducted by UC Merced undergraduates.

How to Submit Your Research 2022

1. Review our Submission Guidelines to help you prepare your manuscript for submission

2. Navigate to the URJ's landing page on eScholarship

3. Click the "Submit" button at the top-right corner of that page

4. If accepted (we try to render a decision as soon as we can, usually within two weeks), work with URJ editors to prepare your manuscript for publication

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact us at

**Deadline for Submissions is March 28, 2022 **

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About the Journal

For over a decade, the UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal has gathered, polished, and published the best research produced by our students across the academic disciplines. Founded in 2007 by UCM Merritt Writing Program faculty, the URJ (as the journal is colloquially known) is produced twice per academic year by students enrolled in Writing 131C, a professional editing and journal production course. In the interests of furthering the spread of knowledge, the URJ is an open-access publication indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals; in other words, there is no paywall or subscription fee separating our content from potential readers. We invite submissions from students across our campus in the heart of California's Central Valley, and we attract readers from all over the world.