The Undergraduate Research Journal is a semesterly publication of research conducted by UC Merced undergraduates.

Submissions Now Being Accepted

3 Easy Steps to Submit Your Research:

1. Go to the the Escholarship Submission Portal.
2. Create an Escholarship Account and Submit your manuscript.
3. If selected for publication, meet periodically with the URJ editorial staff for edits.

Questions? Please relate all questions related to the journal editorial process to ucmjournal@gmail.com

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The UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal (UCMURJ) is a multidisciplinary, biannual publication of a wide-array of research conducted by undergraduates at the University of California, Merced.

The journal was started in the fall of 2007 by Anne Zanzucchi and Jared Stanley. In the spring of 2013, Dr. Iris Ruiz started the current digitial publication of the UCMURJ on Escholarship and has led a solid publication schedule, since 2012. The UCMURJ is now indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, as the journal receives up to 1,500 views per month accompanied by approximately 300 downloads. The journal is published twice per year in a course labeled "Writing 131 C: Journal Production" to showcase the excellence in writing and research being done throughout the different disciplines.

The Process: The UC Merced URJ is published in an online form with a select availability of printed copies. The opening for submissions is announced to faculty, staff and undergraduates of the various schools early each semester. Papers are submitted electronically and then reviewed by the UCM URJ editorial board, which then works with each author as well as a faculty review board to edit, make any necessary changes and get the submission ready for publication. To browse digital journal  issues visit here.